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Twilight Competition Rules

Revised August 2019

Game Rules

The normal FIFA Rules of Football will apply except in the following situations:

Any dispute arising from these rules will be referred to the Twilight Committee for adjudication. The Twilight Committee comprises members of the Executive of the Great Lakes United Football Club.

Any player who is OBVIOUSLY affected by alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to take part in any match.


  • Each team may nominate no more than ten (10) players.
  • A team cannot take the field with less than four (4) players.
  • A team may not have more than six (6) players on the field at any one time during a game.
  • A maximum of ten (10) only, may participate in each game.

Player Eligibility

  • A player may be entered in one (1) team only.
  • Male players must be at least fifteen (15) years of age.
  • Female players must be at least fourteen (14) years of age.
  • A team fielding an ineligible player will forfeit that game, and may also be fined by the Twilight Committee.
  • Players ineligible to play in the FMNC competition are also ineligible to play in the Twilight Competition.
  • Only players entered with GLUFC for the Twilight competition will be allowed to take the field.

Team Registrations

  • Each team will hand in a Team Registration Form prior to the commencement of the competition.
  • Each and every team must complete the
  • No name changes will then be allowed.
  • Replacement or additional players may be added to the team only with the permission of the organising committee. Players registering after the start of the competition must complete their registration through the PlayFootball website and pay any fees due, and cleared by the organising committee prior to taking the field.
  • No player can play for another team.
  • Late player registrations will only be accepted on extenuating circumstances.
  • Each team must nominate a player from the team who will, if called upon by the Referees Appointments Officer, serve as a Referee.

Player Identification

  • Each player must wear a strip numbered to correspond with the player’s number on the team sheet.
  • The colours and markings of individual players strips shall be the same for any one nominated team.
  • Goalkeepers must wear a strip to distinguish them from all the other players on the field of play. A singlet may be worn over a team shirt.

Clash of Colours

  • In the event of a clash of colours, the second team on the draw will change strip or wear bibs.
  • If team strips clash in semi’s or finals, the team finishing lower on the points table will change strip or wear bibs.

Footwear and Shin Pads

  • All players must wear approved shin pads and footwear i.e. boots or joggers.


  • As per FIFA rules, jewellery is not to be worn.

Duration of Games

  • Games will be played in twenty (20) minute halves.
  • No half time break.
  • NO injury time will be played EXCEPT in the final, and then only at the referee’s discretion.
  • Games starting late will be shortened to allow following games to start on time.

Commencement of Games

  • All teams MUST be ready to take the field at the designated time.
  • A team will forfeit the match if not ready on time.
  • A minimum of four (4) players from each team otherwise a forfeit will be declared.


  • A player who is sent off cannot be substituted.
  • A players who is “Sinbinned” cannot be substituted.
  • Substitutions may be made at any time during a game, and as often as required. Substitutes do not have to wait for a stoppage in play, or to notify the referee of the change, except in the case of the goalkeeper, who must notify the referee and wait for a stoppage in play before making the change.
  • Substitute players must enter the field at the halfway line, only when the player being substituted has left the field of play.
  • Breach of this rule will result in a direct free kick being awarded against the offending side at the point where the ball was at the time of the offence.

Free Kicks

  • All free kicks will be direct free kicks.
  • Free kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA rules except that the offending side will be no nearer the ball than five (5) metres at the time of the kick.
  • Where a free kick is awarded to the defending side, and where the offence occurs within the penalty area, the free kick will be taken from the goal arc of the penalty area nearest to where the offence occurred.

Penalty Kicks

  • Penalty kicks will be taken from the edge of the goal arc, directly in front of the goal.

Goal Kicks

  • Goal kicks must be taken from the goal line.
  • The ball must land within the same half as the kick is taken unless touched by a player from either team.
  • Should the ball land in the opponents half, a free kick will be awarded where the ball passes over the halfway line.

Corner Kicks

  • Corner kicks will be taken.
  • A goal can be scored direct from a corner kick (FIFA Ruling).

Goal Scoring

  • A goal may be scored from any position on the field.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from the kick off. The ball must be touched by at least two (2) players.

Goal Keepers

  • In addition to the rule regarding substitution of goalkeepers, teams must nominate a goalkeeper prior to the commencement of play and this player must wear a strip to distinguish them from all the other players on the field of play. This strip must be worn by the goalkeeper at all times, as well as any substitute goalkeeper.
  • When a goal keeper comes into possession of the ball (as per FIFA Rules) in his/her hands, he/she may only release the ball by throwing it, and he/she cannot touch the ball a second time without the ball having been played by another player.
  • A goalkeeper cannot punt or drop kick the ball from the penalty area once he/she has held the ball.
  • A goalkeeper may not handle the ball if it has been deliberately kicked to him/her by a team mate.
  • A breach of these rules will result in the awarding of a direct free kick taken from the arc nearest to where the offence occurred.

Fouls, Cautions and Send Offs

  • “Slide” tackles are not allowed in this competition and will be penalised by the awarding of a free kick.
  • A player who is sent from the field of play for serious foul play, violent conduct, foul or abusive language or persistent misconduct after having received a caution (i.e. offences that warrant a referee issuing a red card), shall immediately leave the field of play, and take no further part in the match.
  • A player sent from the field of play CANNOT be substituted by another player.
  • Players receiving a red card will also receive an automatic one (1) match suspension, that suspension being the next game the team was drawn to play.
  • If directed to appear before the Disciplinary Committee, the said player will incur any further penalty as determined by that committee.
  • A player may take their appeal to the Twilight Committee. A non-refundable fee of $50 applies to any appeal.
  • The referee may use the “Sin Bin” at their discretion. The referee will not nominate the period of time the offending player will spend off the field. The offending player must wait until the referee calls the player back onto the field.
  • A player in the “Sin Bin” cannot be substituted.
  • A player can be sin binned any number of times during a game.
  • Cases of serious misconduct will be referred to the Twilight Committee to determine action required.


  • If a team forfeits a match, having given more than seventy two (72) hours notice to GLUFC, the team they were drawn to play will receive three (3) points and three (3) goals.
  • If a team forfeits a match, without giving seventy two (72) hours notice, the team they were drawn to play will receive three (3) points and six (6) goals.
  • In semi-finals, the team receiving the forfeit will progress to the next round.

Points and Results

Win – 3 points
Scored draw – 2 points
Scoreless draw – 1 point
Forfeit – 3 points
3 or 6 Goals

Ladies A & Men’s A Final

  • ‘Golden Goal’ rule applies once extra time commences.
  • First period of extra time is five (5) minutes each way.
  • Each team then removes one (1) player every 2 minutes, until three (3) players remain.
  • The game continues until a goal is scored.
  • No substitutions once ‘drop off’ begins.

Men’s B, C & Ladies B Final

In the event that scores are tied at the end of full time:

  • Golden Goal Drop Off will take effect.
  • 1 player from each team will “drop off” automatically and will “drop off” every 2 minutes until 3 players from each team remain on the field (in the event of a red card being shown, that team will have 1 less player on the pitch until 3 players) where it will remain until a result is achieved.
  • No substitutions during Golden Goal Drop Off.

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